Privacy-Preserving Computer Vision

WACV 2024 ECCV 2024


In today's world, where data privacy is paramount and computer vision technologies are shaping our future, our workshop stands as a pivotal gathering of industry pioneers and academic visionaries. The convergence of these two spheres has never been more crucial, as it addresses pressing commercial and policy concerns.

Our mission is clear: to foster a vibrant and collaborative community, a powerhouse of researchers committed to enhancing privacy in computer vision. Through shared insights, code, data, benchmarks, and training pipelines, we're not just driving innovation; we're redefining the very essence of privacy in the world of computer vision.

In this workshop, we come together to advance the cutting-edge of privacy-preserving machine learning for vision and imaging. Our workshop is a gateway to a brighter, more secure future, where technology and privacy coexist harmoniously.